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Hannes Dunker Trio

Played with joy and great love for detail, the music of the Hannes Dunker Trio is characterized by „fine interplay and smart improvisations on a basis of sophisticated compositions” (Braunschweiger Zeitung). With Clara Däubler (b) and Eike Wulfmeier (p) the berlin-based drummer has found the perfect lineup for navigating through the soundscapes of his compositions and interpreting them as freely as possible. The trio, founded in 2016, tightly interweaves influences of jazz, world music, rock, and also classical music. The result of this unswerving interaction is an “outstandingly played modern jazz” (Braunschweiger Zeitung). In September 2018 Krambambuli, the debut album of the Hannes Dunker Trio, will be released on the Swiss label Unit Records.

There are many piano trios, but not quite as many exciting ones. The Hannes Dunker Trio is a discovery. The pieces, mostly written by the drummer and bandleader Hannes Dunker, have clear, wonderful melodies on unusual harmonic progressions. Together with him, Eike Wulfmeier and Clara Däubler play these pieces without emotionalism, but with great depth. Very worth hearing!

Julia Hülsmann

HANNES DUNKER / dr & comp

Hannes Dunker is a German drummer and composer, active in very diverse contexts. As drummer of the Hannes Dunker Trio, the world-music group Evelyn Kryger, his bands BlomBlom!!! and MÖKKI, the live-electro project KyongPaul or as percussionist with Nené Vasquez’s band La Banda del Mambo, his playing “consistently gives the music plenty of wit and liveliness” (

He has played with artists such as Alex Sipiagin, Randy Brecker, Lutz Krajensky, Jonas Schoen or the NDR Radio Philharmonics. Concerts and tours have brought him to Italy, France, China, Finland, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Hannes Dunker studied cultural science and jazz drumming in Germany and the Netherlands and currently lives and works in Berlin.


“The playing of pianist Eike Wulfmeier is characterized by precise timing. His sophisticated technique or his unquestionably extraordinary energy never turn out as self-purpose. Instead, Wulfmeier knows how to contribute his qualities to the ensemble.” (Piano-News)

The studied jazz-pianist Eike Wulfmeier is currently composing for a multitude of ensemble, among them his trio Center, his septet Eike Wulfmeier – Seven and also for other projects like the big band Fette Hupe or Anja Ritterbusch’s Blue and Mirror, which combines a jazz quartet with a string quartet.

Besides on his trio’s three CD releases, with own compositions in the sound of contemporary German jazz, Eike Wulfmeier can be heard on numerous other CD productions, which present the extensive spectrum of his creative work as a pianist. The music of these releases ranges from traditional jazz of Duke Ellington to international productions with Israeli jazz or Scottish-German music, and also new modern jazz sounds in the most different instrumentations and settings, for example jazz in combination with poetry, choir or big band.

Eike Wulfmeier lives in Hannover and since 2008 has been teaching the courses jazz piano, TbK (piano-based music theory) and combos at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media.


As a popular side-woman in many different formations and styles, the versatile double-bass player Clara Däubler has played with Julia Hülsmann, Angelika Niescier, Nils Wogram, Heinrich Köbberling, Ed Kröger as well as with the NDR Radio Philharmonics. She counts Detlev Beier and Marc Muellbauer among her most important teachers.

Numerous concerts have brought her all over Germany (e.g. Kurt Weill Fest Dessau, Winterjazz Cologne, Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg, Jazzwoche Hannover) and also to Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, France, Denmark, Lithuania, Canada, the Netherlands and the USA.

With the Fynn Großmann Quintet she received the Junger Münchner Jazzpreis [Young Munich Jazz Prize] and the Jazz Prize Hannover in 2017.

For five years she organized the Linden Jazz Sessions (Kulturpalast Hannover) on a voluntary basis and she initiated the concert series Jazz at Emmichplatz (HMTM Hannover).